COVID-19 pandemic threatens to set back battle against AIDS by 10 years, UN warns

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Study shows first evidence that a drug can improve survival from COVID-19

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What some Western countries could learn about fighting pandemics in the community

Countries that successfully kept COVID-19 infections and deaths down not only acted early but in a more community-centred way, says a public-health physician who aims to improve preparedness for... Read more »

Pandemic worsens Canada’s deadly opioid overdose epidemic

An epidemic of fatal drug overdoses across Canada is on the rise amid COVID-19 pandemic restrictions that harm-reduction workers and doctors say exacerbates the toxic supply. Overdose prevention sites... Read more »

Hydroxychloroquine fails to prevent COVID-19 in those at high risk, trial shows

The drug hydroxychloroquine, which has been the subject of heated debate as a potential treatment for COVID-19, was not effective in preventing the disease in Canadians and Americans at... Read more »

Does COVID-19 cause long-term damage to your body? Your COVID-19 questions answered

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‘A race against the disease’: Canadian researchers part of global effort to develop COVID-19 vaccine

In the quiet of the University of Saskatchewan’s shuttered campus, there is one constant beacon of light and hope. Dr. Volker Gerdts and his team of researchers are working... Read more »

Is spraying disinfectant in public spaces a good way to fight COVID-19?

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How will the global coronavirus pandemic end?

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Long waits for COVID-19 test results reveal Canada’s shortage of lab workers

Long waits for COVID-19 test results are due in part to a shortage of medical laboratory professionals in Canada, according to lab workers’ associations and job vacancy data. Laboratory... Read more »