TG on news that six members of Children's Health Centre have contracted COVID-19

Together Gibraltar says the news that six members of the health care team at the Children’s Health Centre have contracted COVID-19 is “cause for grave concern”.

The party says it’s supported the Government and the health services’ work to tackle the COVID-19 threat, adding that the opening of the Nightingale hospital so quickly and efficiently is testament to the collective will and determined spirit that Gibraltarians show in adversity. It also says it appreciates the openness and candour of Government ministers in ensuring a daily flow of information.

However, it says, it would be remiss if it did not voice questions as to how an outbreak could have occurred in what has been described as the “clean” area of health services. It asks why frontline medical staff were not obligated to wear personal protective equipment, and about the failings in procedures that allowed the infection to occur in a staff area. Furthermore, Together Gibraltar asks whether frontline health care staff are being systematically tested, and whether there will be tracing and self-isolating of those who attended the children’s centre in recent weeks – as well as the family members of anyone who tests positive.

Together Gibraltar says it continues to be alarmed by statements from the Health Minister and Director of Public Health welcoming the fact that healthcare workers are falling ill from COVID-19, saying it is healthcare workers who are dying at an alarming rate worldwide. It calls on the Government to assure the community that there will be a fast response to identify any other weaknesses in the system, and a comprehensive solution to tackle these.

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